Starting from the visibility of cases of harassment, abuse and gender violence within the context of photography, there is an urgent need to denounce and take a position on the situation of inequality in work environments and their roles, in the participation of prizes, contests, festivals and art halls, as well as in the teaching staff of the training spaces, in the participation of the official history of photography and in the non-recognition projects of women and other dissident identities to the heterosexual system (such as LGTB identities).

This document shows only a cut from the discussions that emerged in the instance of encounter and debate on gender in the SAN JOSE FOTO festival 3rd edition.

In a dynamic involving more than 150 people from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, United States, France, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, specific actions were proposed for gender equity; which we are manifesting here:

  1. Female quota in work and exhibition spaces
  2. Equitable participation in the spaces of power and decision making, within photography.
  3. Encourage training and education about gender issues in the field of photography.
  4. Public cultural policies, focused on promoting and encouraging scholarships funds for women and dissident identities.
  5. Self-training workshops with the broadening of the gender perspective
  6. Include in the history of photography women and other identities that were made invisible.
  7. Visual education and forms of gender representation in schools and educational environments, only separating it from the political sphere.
  8. Deconstruct and revise stereotypes based on the representation of the body image in photography.
  9. Equalize maternity and parental leave time so that care tasks can be taken on an equal basis.

From all these reflections we propose to take a commitment and a responsibility for the new activities that can be generated around photography, not naturalizing the inequality and trying to expand the view towards an inclusive and egalitarian place.

We appeal to new bonds of solidarity, respect, trust and tolerance to strengthen new generations of photographers and deconstruction of current ones.

For a photograph with equal opportunities and conditions where those who are both in front of the camera as well as behind do not continue reproducing the patriarchal system.

Let’s end with the days of silence and complicity in the lack of professional ethics.

April 8 th 2018 – SAN JOSÉ – URUGUAY