The Educational and Community Area within the San José Foto Festival, arises from the decision and the need to incorporate San Jose´s community to the enjoyment and exploitation of the cultural and social richness that this event implies.

The Festival promotes an exchange of views, realities and very diverse knowledge that the organization of the Festival thought was not being used locally.

Sometimes the areas where such specific activities are carried out are difficult to address by those who do not regularly visit them.

For that reason and with the premise of making SFJ an inclusive and accessible event, the need was raised to generate this area that has been working for a year now, generating activities at the local level and for a transversal enjoyment.

The proposals that were developed, worked on the theme of the Festival “Links” from different perspectives pursuing the final goal of generating a “Link” between the Festival and the Community.

In addition, Photography schools from Montevideo and Uruguay were invited and different Collectives, as well, to carry out artistics interventions in the Treinta y Tres Orientales Square with the purpose of bringing photographic looks to a space of daily use from which they can appropriate.

We are going through a moment of massive access to the generation of photographic images and we believe that visual education is essential in the production and interpretation of the image. This area aims to be the starting point for a process of integration of the Community into the photographic field.

Coordinated by:

Lorena Larriestra and Nicolás Vidal
Lorena Larriestra / Nicolás Vidal

Workshops - Link between the Festival and the Community

1. Photography workshops for children
Topic to work: “Links with objects”

taller niños
Description: The workshops were held in October 2017 in 6 different courses of the School no. 45 from San José, with children between 8 and 10 years old. They were coordinated by Photographer Manuela Aldabe and consisted of a single meeting that had as its main idea to approach the magical world of photography through its analog format.

The analog Rayograms technique was used with objects that the children chose to use.

The Final Work will be part of the Exhibition that will be held during the Festival.

2. Workgroup on Mobile Devices
Topic to work: “Links with Technology and communication”

                                “Links with and through technology”

2. Grupo de trabajo en Dispositivos móviles
Description: The groups were formed from the workshops given by Adelina Chamorro in the ECIE and Lucía Martí in the Polytechnic, where their students were invited with a weekly thematic proposal in relation to the links, chosen by them.

The working group was made up of 6 people. The used methodology was mostly the one of mobile devices, and sometimes, there were also photographs taken with their photographic cameras but shared through the mobile devices.

The main idea was to work about the approach to everyday life in a conscious manner, the exhibition and the content chosen to be shared, and the links with technology and those that are generated and maintained through it.

The work in progress is exposed by a public user of Instagram: Juan Chabalgoity and for the final work, previous selection together with the participants, a projection will be made on a giant screen in one of the corners of the Treinta y Tres Orientales Square.

Participants: Serrana Alonso / Dante Barreto Curbello / Zully Betancur / Fatima Nuñez Mettetieri / Cecilia Rodríguez /

3. Photography workshops for adults
Theme to work: “Links with photography through time”

Photography workshops for adults
Description: The workshop, coordinated by Pablo Porciúncula, proposes a visual investigation through the photographs that make the memories of those who have inhabited the city and the department.

The proposal is to discover the links within and between the photographs of the different participants, united both in the common spaces that served as a framework for them and by the look of the photographers of the city that over the generations have portrayed the families of San José.

The spaces of the city, its people, the ways of photographing are the links that we intend to investigate to create a narrative that allows us to see how we have looked over the years.

The result will be part of an exhibition at the Treinta y Tres Orientales Square during the San José Photo Festival.

The workshop took place at the Spanish Cultural Center during 6 meetings in february and march of 2018.

Participants: Annabella Alza, Julio Benedet, Maider Garcia, Adriana Maier, Aquiles Delfino, Adriana Viña, Julio Benedet.

Plaza de los Treinta y Tres Interventions by the Photography Schools and Collectives

Gato Peludo

Proposal: Gato Peludo will focus on the development of the Family Links.

The Family: social nucleus as necessary and ancestral as mutant. There they set out to dig, trying to go beyond the traditional ways of looking at it.

The group, made up of current participants and former members of its workshops, developed the theme.


1. Photographic exhibition of the Gato Peludo Collective
Captura de pantalla 2018-03-11 a las 2.50.31 p.m.
It came to a final body of images product of various instances of collective editing. And at the time of materializing this collection they did it, through alternative development processes with original procedures of Gato Peludo [1]. In this way, democratization of digital photography and laboratory alchemy are found to lead to this proposal.


[1] Processes inspired by the techniques of cyanotype and gum bichromate, with alterations in their original formulas to avoid harmful chemicals and difficult to obtain in our environment.
Participants: Luciana Bonilla / Nahyr Cancela / Elena Carriquiry / Luciana de Salterain / Sofía Della Mea / Ana Inés Estévez / Eliana Fernández / Laura Fernández Roig / Luis Franchi / Maite Gallego / Mónica Gancharov / Rossana Gaudioso / Patricia González / Soledad Jacué / Lucía Machado / Maraiza Machado / Mónica Marquez / María Pía

Martínez / Natalia Moreira / Melina Mota / Pablo Núñez / Victoria Novoa / Selva Olivera / Mariana Palomeque / Carolina Passeggi / Verónica Pena / Raquel Pérez / Juan Pedro Porcile / María Noel Silvera / Luciana Tejera / Mariana Tenenbaum Development team: Elena Carriquiry / Rossana Gaudioso / Patricia González / Eliana Fernández / Cecilia Lens / Andrea Lorieto / Natalia Moreira / Fede Ruiz Santesteban / Florence Sierra / Mariana Tenenbaum

2. Interactive space
1 - Genealogic Whale - Fotocollage
Captura de pantalla 2018-03-11 a las 3.19.28 p.m.
Space coordinated by Victoria Rodriguez, where participants will be invited to use photos, which can be their own or those provided by the activity to make their own family Collages, where they can reconstruct links and memories through them. Attendees can bring their own photos or they can download from social networks to print them.
2 - Mara-Gato Peludo´s Families (matching game)
Captura de pantalla 2018-03-11 a las 3.36.20 p.m.

Production of Colectivo eighteen: fifteen, of Gato Peludo that starts from the premise that the family is the group of people who consider themselves united because they have common characteristics, ideas or interests. Family, therefore, is how the bond of the members of a group is named, whether blood, by kinship, common project, treatment, or affinity.

The collective will develop a photographic essay using the technique of digital photography, in San José, about objects and / or rituals that connect the group as a family in its natural environment, which its members identify as their own, in expressions of identity, history, affection, love.

The presented game proposes associated photos in allusive pairs: one corresponding to the representative object and / or ritual chosen by each family, which identifies their link; and the other will correspond to a picture of the members of these families, in the context of their ritual or place of meeting. People who want to participate must match the corresponding pairs on a board using a short caption with the family description as a guide.

Participants: Collective eighteen: fifteen (Agustin Cibils / Melina Mota / Pablo Núñez / Roberta Rodrigues)

3 - Family in Cubes
Captura de pantalla 2018-03-11 a las 3.39.37 p.m.
Realization by Juampe Porcile of the Colectivo Gato Peludo

“Family in cubes” portrays 6 members of the same family and takes those photos to 9 different cubes, allowing us to compose an infinity of different faces, the “new members” of the family, generated from these combinations.

This space invites us to play and reflect on our links, thinking about the similarities and differences between members of the same family.



Fotoclub works with the collective memory of the city through empirical, playful and decontracted research, an experience immersed in the territory and in relation to its inhabitants.

The project developed is an investigation of the public space as a living map of social construction and validated by the collective memory. The idea is to visualize these spaces, the continuities and the differences, to remember what is not yet completely extinguished but that is about to be forgotten, to detect the re-signification of some spaces. It is in essence to explore that canvas that is the space where humans inhabit and capture it from a present view.


1 - Collective Intervention "The city of memory"
Captura de pantalla 2018-03-14 a las 10.24.20 a.m.
The material resulting from the project will be available in the intervention that will take place in the Square using tube televisions were audiovisual material, audio and photographs.

External enclaves of complement and diffusion that replicate material of the sample will be display in other points of the city, stained glass of commercial premises, neighbors’ windows, tables of bars or restaurants, etc.

In the exhibition, the graphic material used for the process will also be integrated in paper format: scratched maps, archive photos. The raw material of the investigation can be consulted and intervened by those who go through it, maintaining the premise of living memory, open to re-interpretation and play.

2 - Activity "Estenopo a la Memoria"
Captura de pantalla 2018-03-14 a las 10.25.24 a.m.
Saturday, April 7 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

A space will be set up where an activity free of pinhole photography will be developed. Cameras made with tubes of photographic rolls will be provided to the interested people, the technique will be explained to them, they will make the photo they like and then they will reveal at the moment the photo taken in the same space where they were given the camera.

Participants: Carolina Camejo / Karolina Acosta / Lucía Flores / Andrea Pereira / Andrea Conde / Milton Benítez / Joana Odella / Nahuel Rodríguez / Magdalena Mangeney / Pablo Albarenga / Martín Pérez.



Sur proposes a series of experiential photographic experiences to explore the link with photography as a tool for cutting different realities.


1 - Giant Camera
Captura de pantalla 2018-03-14 a las 10.29.17 a.m.
The objective of this experience in charge of Sur Estudio Fotográfico, is to present to the participants tools to understand and appropriate the photographic language. By understanding the physical phenomenon that allows the existence of photography and turning it into an experiential experience, the assistant begins to understand the basic functioning of a language to which we all have access, but which only a few can decode.

The activity is open to all public, free and one hour long, will be held at the Teatro Maccio with prior registration HERE.

Maximum capacity 15 people per show.

Shows Friday April 6 15 hrs. / Saturday, April 7 11 and 15 hrs.

2 - Photowalk "Vínculos"
Captura de pantalla 2018-03-14 a las 10.29.25 a.m.
A Photographic Walk called “Photowalk Vínculos” will be carried out by the team of Sur Estudio Fotográfico, with a brief theoretical introduction to know the basic handling of the camera and concepts of framing and composition.

The theme will revolve around the Links that take place in the urban environment of San José.

In the days after the walk the assistants will be able to participate in a Photographic Contest where the three best photographs  will be awarded with prizes courtesy of Sur Estudio, Click Uruguay and the Photography Center of Montevideo.

The activity is open to all public, free and two hours long. The meeting point will be at the door of the Cultural Space with prior registration completing the THIS form.

Sunday 8 April 10 hrs.


Captura de pantalla 2018-03-14 a las 10.32.49 a.m.

In a time of volatile images we return to the sources emphasizing the importance of recording moments of ephemeral enjoyment but in a lasting way. A Minuter camera facilitated by the “project” Route 14 will be installed in the Treinta y Tres Orientales Square. This camera takes analogical photographs and has the characteristic of being camera and laboratory at the same time, therefore the portrait is made and it is delivered on paper.


The person in charge of the camera, Matías Fabricio will be portraying those who wish it and will give them his portrait.

Saturday, April 7 from 10 a.m. to 12 h. and from 14 to 16 hrs.


5-Shot-San José-Gustavo Rosas

The Shot collective toured the City of San Jose making a record of the city for two days. Its objective is to show daily life in a frank and spontaneous way, focusing on the unpredictable nature of people and the links established with public space.


The exhibition will be screened in the Pedal Cinema space that will be held in the Treinta y Tres Orientales Square.

Members: Gonzalo Gómez / Gustavo Rosas.

Friday, April 6 at 8:30 pm