In "Copying Claudia" I become a hybrid being that through photos and videos plays living the life and career of Claudia Schiffer. Sometimes supplanting her, others searching for her and others copying her through an aesthetic relationship that wanders between admiration, obsession, humor, and dreams.

The project is a "work in progress" I have been doing for more than four years , where the initial idea is to reflect, from an ironic point of view, on the imposition of icons and the longing to reach them. Pop culture and the world of ego are the foundations on which I develop this discourse (which is basically much more personal) about identity and self-improvement through which I build my own character copying this muse with whom I grew up. The identification with it is so deep that gender barriers are diluted, becoming an ambiguous transformation, as something that is given by a man imitating a woman, but who does not lose his masculine scent. I keep being myself. The important thing for me is the fact that we are all unique and we are constructed from the things that have inspired us since childhood.

So many years immersed in the project have helped me to perform an exercise of honesty and creative involvement, taking to obsession every detail in what for me has led to a creative catharsis and where I finally developed an exercise on my own life: my self-portrait.

Everything that makes us different can make us unique. If we convert that supposed oddity in a rough diamond on which to build an identity or a dream, we will be free. Because despite of what we are often imposed by groups and society, we are all unique and singular. When putting next to Claudia Schiffer I want to feel in some way that it doesn’t matter how small we are or how many defects we have. Why not dreaming of who we want to be? Everything is at our fingertips


Pachi Santiago

Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca in 2004. He has done various jobs regarding photography, illustration and video art.

In 2011 he exhibited for the first time "Copying Claudia" project at PhotoEspaña, being awarded first prize by EFTI Master, Madrid. After four years of study and obsession keeping in secret the second part of the project, it is now that he has begun to reveal new images presenting them in different parts of the world. It has been selected in the Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Madrid during the festival PHotoEspaña 2014 as one of the most promising projects into the artistic hybridization in Spain. His work has also been in the Círculo de Bellas Arte in Madrid, in the photography fair JAAL Photo, as guest artist by EFTI, at the Sala Amadis of the Injuve Institute, in the cycle of video art La Neomudejar and hall of exhibitions of EFTI Unonueve. Besides giving various conferences about the project in the city of Madrid in June, Pachi Santiago participated as a guest artist in the cycles of video art "Pop Up Kino" and "Under the subway art night" that were projected simultaneously in galleries in Berlin and New York. And in July he has been invited by the Cultural Center of Monterrey in Mexico to give a master class and present his project Copying Claudia, showing for the first time more than 30 new images in a multidisciplinary exhibition with photography and video art pieces that they were projected in the halls of the city.

Several media have promoted Claudia Copying through interviews and reports. Among others, the Alaska program inTelevisión Española, cultural informative of 24horas de TVE Channel, the news of Antena 3 TV, the newspaper La Razon, S Moda from El Pais, Neo2, Tendencias Mag, Marie Claire, Glamour, El Nacional from Venezuela or Beautiful Savage Mag from Brooklyn.