Chocolate on my jeans

I am, as I like to call it a "home dad", I cook, I change diapers, I wipe snotty noses, I prepare my children's school lunch. This is a very uncommon situation for a Latin-American man and therefor I´m recording my everyday life by posting one photo a day on my blog during the period of one year.

My everyday life is a testimony to the loneliness that comes with raising kids on your own, the boring routines and the stress. But also to the magic and the love for the most amazing people I will ever meet.


Nicolas Wormull

Nicolás Wormull (1977) born in Santiago, Chile but grew up in Sweden where he was formed as a photographer. Currently he lives in Chile where he works as a freelance photographer.

"In my photography I often explore the concept of the family, the nostalgia of the past, close relationships, encounters with and the sense of (lack of) belonging. I have always been strongly influenced by my personal history and my family is a theme that I keep coming back to, just as the need to explore the duality of having grown up in two different worlds."