Work in progress

Uruguay is the country with more deaths as consequence of gender violence in the world in proportion to its population.Together with El Salvador, a country that in 2012 was listed by the UN as "the most violent in the world" when talking of physical or psychological violence exerted on a woman by a man. Because of this issue that affects Uruguay, considering that the festival is actively talking to the local population, and that the photos will be displayed on the street, I felt with the obligation to produce a work on gender violence. I want to position myself on the periphery of the problem. A kind of cause/consequence of the violent act. These are direct images that confront the viewer and at the same time contain multiple interpretations.

I am developing a series of images that not only represent the initial idea of impersonating a woman but also reveal my understanding about the female figure, and how (for me) women feel in a machist society. I try to speak as a woman and at the same time I try to confront with the look of man who is trying to leave behind this intravenous machismo.


Guillermo Giansanti

(Montevideo, 1984) From Uruguay, lives in Rio de Janeiro since 2008. Between 2014 and 2015 he attended the Latin American Master on Contemporary Photography at Centro de la Imagen, in Lima, Peru, directed by Alejandro Castellote. He was nominated for the 2015 Joop Swart Masterclass. He participated in exhibitions in Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.