Yolanda Dominguez


This workshop examines the social implications of the images, and their influence on the construction of gender and identity.

Yolanda Dominguez will tour through the history of gender representation (painting, cinema, advertising, fashion and media) analysing how images function cognitively and how they impact our social life. All the aspects involved in visual communication are covered: semiotics, semantics, support, spectator, habit, shared culture ... questioning the ethical boundaries and opening a debate on the responsibility of both, producers and viewers, to generate and look at images from a positive and committed freedom. Using examples from her own work, the author will share subversive techniques to alter the dominant discourse, involving people actively. She will also present her new unpublished work in which we will be able to participate.

The activity is aimed to everyone that has an interest in understanding the mechanisms of visual communication and acquiring keys to make a critical reading of the mass media, as well as professionals who want to produce images from an ethical position and being aware of its social dimension.


Yolanda Dominguez (Madrid, 1977), visual artist and activist, studied Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid and a Master in Art and New Technologies at the European University of Madrid, as well as the Concept and Creation Master in Photography by EFTI, Madrid. Through irony and contextualization as her principal strategies, she creates situations or scenarios in which the viewer is involved and can participate. Her work aims to raise social awareness and empower people through performative and relational actions.

These actions generate small communities that manifest themselves with respect to a conflict. The Ministry of Culture of Spain has awarded her a scholarship for Spanish Art Promotion abroad in 2010, a special mention at the awards "Freedom of Expression" next to the winner "The Guardian" in 2014. She has presented her work in various institutions and festivals like Photoespaña, Mullier Mullieris, JustMad, NOVA Festival of Contemporary Culture Brazil, Feminisarte, and she has exhibited her work also at the Serendipity Gallery Madrid, Twin Gallery of Madrid, Rafael Pérez Hernando de Madrid, Elga Wimmer Gallery in New York, Foreman Oneota Gallery in New York, Streitfeld Projektraum in Munich, Vienna and Open Systems Rojo Artspace in Milan. Her artistic work transcends the educational field, she collaborates with universities and schools around the world through workshops and conferences. She currently works for EFTI, Madrid, where she teaches the workshop "image as a tool of social transformation" for the Concept and Creation Master in Photography.

Limited to 20 participants.

Prize: 50 USD

Days: Sunday April 10, 10 to 4 pm.

Location: Politécnico