Workshop VIBRANT

Photo Book Auto-publication

Workshop oriented to auto publication, dialogue and critic interlocution of personal projects in the process of the participant’s development.

How to structure a publication personal project and construct a coherent relation between ideas and their realization? Different publications and references will be presented for a collective mapping, covering different examples by observing the image’s narratives and graphic structures, as well as analysing how the production of a thought is made through publication. Books which theme is gender and their consequences in printed poetics will also be analysed.

Consults and talks with students about their own projects will be made in order to collaborate with the editorial and artistic development of each one. About the publishing house: Vibranr is an independent publishing house that specializes in visual arts and photography, editing the projects of different artists. Vibrant’s goal is to build bridges between ideas and their materialization through publication. We believe that books and zines in general are democratic artistic plataforms that suggest duration in time and a call to self-authored projects.



Workshop oriented to auto publication, dialogue and critic interlocution of personal projects in the process of the participant’s development. Presentation and discussion photo books addressing the image’s narrative as the graphic structure of how the thought is produced through photography and visual arts. Publications focused on gender as a theme (theme of the 2016 SAN JOSE PHOTO), as well as talks about works that address this issue. Dialogue with the artists about how publication affects the work trajectory, and how the artist’s book production, publication and photo books are made.


Day 1 (4 hours, half an hour intervals)

Presentation of Vibrant Editorial, history of it’s publications and different fairs participations.

Presentation of publications and references: collective mapping, narrative’s study, photo book "families".

Self-publishing practical and conceptual processes: alignment between ideas and their implementation, study of their consistency.

Student’s projects presentation and discussion (group 1).

Day 2 (4 hours, half hour interval)

Discussion on independent publishing and the limits, if any, between zine, photo books, books and artist's books.

Talk about publication fairs and independent initiatives of print culture.

How to practice the sustainability of a publishing house?

Student’s projects presentation and discussion (group 2).

Directed to: artists, photographers, poets, designers, illustrators and people in general.

Preselection: Letter of interest and link to portfolio or work already done.

Number of students:

Limited to 10 participants.

Prize: 50 USD

Days : Saturday, April 9  3 pm to 7 pm and  Sunday April 10 10 am to 2 pm.

Location: Politécnico