Romina Resuche

After photographs: a tour of artistic projects that transcend the creation of work.

 A reflection on the use of photography as a platform and a tool for social, political and educational action through a selection of projects by artists and South American activists addressing gender issues.

As a sort of an ephemeral exhibition, curator Argentina Romina Resuche proposed the projection of part of the material of three photographic works (denunciation, critical observation and construction of memory) at the table where the processes of each of these works will be discussed and as well as their intentions, pursuits and activities beyond art.


Romina Resuche (Buenos Aires, 1975) Curator of photography and journalist. Since 2007 she addresses the curatorial field from the specific site, relational aesthetics and post-production-from, for and with the photograph. Self-taught and practical ,  she devised and produced the project cycle Wabi Sabi, which brought together the work of photographers from around the world in a series of installations in public and private spaces in Argentina between 2008 and 2009. During 2010 and 2011 she was curator of photography for the photographic space at the Wussmann Gallery; she also produced independent shows in other exhibition spaces at Buenos Aires. She also collaborated with the PH15 Foundation and the anthropological project The Goldminer Project. Some of her texts and curatorial works were published in magazines such as Madriguera and Atlas Imaginarios Visuales (Chile). She participated in the encounters Ciudades Miradas –Londres/Buenos Aires-, in the second edition of FOCOM (CHILE), as well as in the creation of the residence for photographers Nido Errante. She’s part of the project Reconstrucción del álbum familiar (Reconstruction of the family album), organized by Valparaiso’s International Festival of Photography (FIFV). In 2015 se was part of the jury for the Buenos Aires Photo prize. Since 2012 she investigates the use of the photographic family album in the artistic practice. She also dedicates herself to accompany different individual and group work processes mainly in Argentina and Chile. She has always written. Some of her texts on photography are published by the cultural supplement Radar, from the Argentine newspaper Página 12.