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The Giant Camera is an experience that follows the basic principles of photography, inviting the assistant to experience the photographic phenomenon, beyond analogue or digital cameras or lenses.

The purpose of this activity is to introduce the audience tools to understand and appropriate themselves of photography. By understanding the simple and physical aspect of the photographic phenomenon it will be converted into a life experience through which the assistants can begin to understand the basic functioning of a language we can all access but only a few can decode. Through this playful experience this proposal simplifies the technical factors to point out a medium of expression and the conscious use of it.

The experience is open to the public and free but, as space is limited, it requires prior registration. For information and registration please contact:


Sur is a photo studio based in Montevideo, Uruguay, which has been generating various “photographic experiences“ during this last three years The activities that allow us to share photography, experience it, understand it and own it as well as its possibilities as a tool of expression are what we call “Photographic experiences“.

With this premise, the sharing, we have generated activities in our study, with foreign and local photographers, such as workshops and seminars on different subjects such as: outdoor activities like Photowalks in Montevideo and inside the country, and the Ciclofotodoc encounters, a series of photographic documentaries, each with its own debate.

The Centre of Photography and theUruguay’s Ministery of Education and Culture through the Consursables Funds for Culture and Municipalities’ prize, as well as by the Municipalities inside the country have supported the photographic experiences.

Limited to 20 participants.

Cost: Free

Days: Saturday April 9th, 10-11,30 and 14-15,30 pm.