Prime Collective

Project Development and Funding Lab

PRIME is a collective of eight visual storytellers dedicated to describing the human experience with empathy and artistry. Prime was founded in 2011 to improve and support the practices of its members as well as develop sustainable careers in media.

The members of the collective, Dominic Bracco II, Melanie Burford, Brendan Hoffman, Pete Muller, Katie Orlinsky, Christian Rodriguez, Lance Rosenfield, and Max Whittaker, stay closely connected despite the vast distances they travel for their work. All the members are award-winning artists. They work for the world’s top media outlets, including National Geographic Magazine, TIME, Newsweek, The New York Times, the BBC, CNN, and Smithsonian Magazine.

Their regular conversations drive collaborations and innovation within the collective. In 2013, Prime members created the Prime Foundation to develop new ways to connect with audiences through exhibitions, educational programs, and artistic project. The Prime Foundation's mission includes the development of journalist training programs that expand visual storytelling skills and connect local voices to global issues. By pushing the frontiers of visual communication, both in digital and physical spaces, Prime Foundation’s initiatives are designed to create active audience participation, making the experience of both producing and consuming visual storytelling more collaborative.


A workshop aimed at producing long term projects and sustainable careers as relevant freelance artists and documentarians. Applicants will leave the workshop knowing how to construct a project pitch, statement, and budget, in addition to ideas for distribution, collaboration, editing, and most importantly funding.

Participants: 12 maximum

Date: Abril 8, 10 am to 6 pm

Cost: Free by previous inscription and selection. Send a project max. 15 images and short Bio and project statement to

 Location: Polytechnic