Alejandro Maureira

Passenger Book

"My life is a constant quest. I was never anybody’s fan, nor good at anything. I never noticed anything. I just had to keep going and going. I was never a virtuous football player or a great chezz player. I learned how to knit, to juggle and sell that which had been stolen. I always had the gift for people but I’m not that attached to anyone. I don’t search glory; I just want to plant a tree. I’m not from here nor there, nor smart, nor a fool, nor intellectual, I do not wish to be. I’m not a poet or an anti-poet, nor a teacher, nor a student. I’m neither good nor bad. I like different musical groups and from all kinds but I was never such a fan, nor learned all the English songs, nor di I search for the meanings; I never played the guitar, nor jumped the rope, I know no karate nor kung-fu, I was never a swimmer nor the best photographer. I didn’t always like design, and I think I’m creative but just to a certain extent. It’s true I liked the color green al of my life until just a couple of years ago, now I don’t know which color I like.So my quest is constant but temporary, I find and keep looking. I’m an expert at that.“


Alejandro Maureira was born in Linares, Chile, 1978. He graduated as an Advertising Graphic Designer at the Universidad Mayor de Chile. He specialized in photography. In 2008 he studied the Concept and Creation International Master of Photography at EFTI (Madrid).

In 2012 – 2013 he studied a Master in Art Research and Creation at the Complutense University of Madrid. He has exhibited his work in ARCO (Madrid, Spain), MACRO Testaccio-Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome (Italy), the Selecting V-Foconorte digital photography and at the National Day of photography in Santiago (Chile). He has won the Creative- Foconorte Award in Santander (Spain).. Selected in the first "impossible to tag" event with exhibition in Madrid, Santander, Bilbao and Barcelona. He was selected in the first "impossible to tag" event with exhibition in Madrid, Santander, Bilbao and Barcelona. He's had a solo exhibition, "WE TOOK THE JOURNEY", from his photographic essay "PASSENGER" at the ArtMedia Gallery, Miami, USA. He has published in the magazine fanzine 10x15, as well as in Feature Shoot, apart from different blogs specialized in photography and art. His work deals with different problems afflicting today's society somehow. Some of thisproblems are: inter personal relationships in different situations, the city with its pros and cons, or the current political subtext. He strives to find spaces that reunite and reflect energies, moods, disasters, crisis, etc. In order to develop these projects he researches the different artistic applications, experiencing with forms, context in his final work, in order to visualize several of the spectator’s final points of view. In most of his projects he uses photography in its maximum expression, achieving through all of its methods and aplications the desired result.