LAT Photo Magazine

LAT Photo Magazine

LAT Photo Magazine focuses on contemporary Latin American documentary photography. Our emphasis is focused on showing innovative projects that have a medium and long-term production thematic union.

Is the Latin American culture different? Yes, and above all, the gaze is what’s different. LAT Photo Magazine is a place where to look from the origen’s perspective that characterizes and humanizes the feelings from all of Latin America. Here we publish projects from photographers from any part of the world that were born or raised in any of this countries: México, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Panamá, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina. The works presented deal exclusively with matters (private, external or abstract), as well as situations that have a Latin American essence. Each issue is devoted to a specific topic that can be interpreted loosely or strictly. We are interested in the diversity of ideas, styles and, above all, we want to stimulate minds.

Each issue of LAT Photo Magazine is edited by expert commissioners / curators renowned internationally, connoisseurs as well as scholars of the Latin American work they select through invitations and an open call to photographers, with years of publishing and working professionally, emerging photographers that start thinking about photography as a way of life, as well as those who can’t get spaces to show their essays.

LAT Photo Magazine was born out of love for documentary photography and is a forum where new regards and those that have already an established one, have a space in common. It is imperative that photographers go to the streets and feel the Latin American reality and essence.

In times where there is a mega explosion of visual technologies and where the social networks play an important role, but at the same time a superficial one, photography must preserve the virtue of bold simplicity and things well. We are an online magazine not a digital one. What is the difference? We will not show pdfs. Internet is the medium. LAT Photo Magazine is open to the discipline, perseverance and well thought photographic trade. Welcome.