Julieta Escardó

The FELIFA and the editorial map in Latin America

A book has always been one of the best supports us the photographers have to transmit ideas and experiences. In the last years the technological development implemented by the digital printing houses and the possibilities of circulation offered by social media have eroded the traditional ways of producing and distributing photography books, and if to this we also add the feared and beloved self-managment, which brings independence while representing a challenge to the imagination, the result is a profound change in the publishing industry. There is a vital scenery opening in the world in which self-edited photographers, independent editorials, talks, prise publications and book clubs are participating. Latin America is no stranger to this process.

The FELIFA (Feria de Libros de Fotos de Autor) that takes place in Buenos Aires, which also participates in different latinoamerican cities has been a pioneer space of circulation and distribution of photo books during the last 15 years. The sum of projects and actors, in a context of discussion and collaboration brings potent perspectives to the region as well as the rest of the world.


Julieta Escardó: Photographer, editor and contemporary photography teacher. Since 2002 she directs the Feria de Libros de Fotos de Autor fotolibrosdeautor.com. She’s also the codirector of the La Luminosa publishing house, as well as a freelance photographer. She’s Director of photography, graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Experimentación y Realización Cinematográfica (INCAA). She has been a photographer for the Viva magazine and editor to the Latido and LLegás a Buenos Aires magazines. She worked in the Art and education team from the Nation’s Ministry of Education, as well as the Familiar Biographical Archive of the Plaza de Mayo grandmothers.