Photographic Platform

Hydra is a platform for building projects related to the medium of photography, based on reflection, dialogue and collaboration between individuals, associations, institutions and publishers; an inclusive, flexible and open space to open channels in the photographic community. Hydra is the project of Ana Casas Broda, Gabriela Reyes Gonzalez and Gerardo Montiel Klint. Hydra performs curatorial projects and organization of exhibitions, workshops, educational programs, consulting for authors, publications, a network link, project management, sale of works, among other activities. We also have an exhibition space and library specializing in contemporary photography books. In the area of publications, we coedited photo books with publishers such as RM and La Fábrica. We recently published Ana Casas Broda’s “Kinderwunsch”, Roberto Tondopó’s “Casita de Turrón” and Mariela Sancari’s “Moisés”. In 2016 we will publish "Nueva Era" by José Luis Cuevas and "Desvestidas" by Luis Arturo Aguirre. In 2015 we made the book project and exhibition “Develar y detonar. Fotografía en México ca. 2015“ which included the work of 53 contemporary authors, published by RM publisher, a collaboration between the Centro de la Imagen, Televisa Foundation and the National Center of the Arts of Mexico. Hydra performed the curating and editing of the book and texts. The exhibition opened in the PHotoEspaña International Festival in 2015 and later at the National Center of the Arts in Mexico City. Afterwards this exhibition will travel to other countries.

In 2016 we will have a program on photo books in which several authorial projects will be developed through a long term workshop with the most interesting contemporary publishing houses of the photo book medium, such as Self Publish Be Happy, Archive of Modern Conflict, Riot Books, RM, La Fábrica, among others.