As it should be ...

In Uruguay, a country located south of the American continent, the reasons that lead to a continued migration from the countryside to the city are the same as those reflected in the other countries of the region. The lack of job opportunities and economic resources, are what mainly has forced people, mostly young, to immigrate from rural to urban areas in search of a more prosperous future. Over time this has contributed to detract from the value of work in rural areas. That which was passed down from generation to generation, from father to son, has stopped, thus breaking the chain of knowledge and work-related family ties. Today 95% of Uruguayans live in the city leaving just 5% of people living in the country, consisting of mostly of seniors.

These people, who do not migrate, live every day with the idea of a permanent farewell. Young people leave, never to return, and they are left behind as the only witnesses of abandonment and the devastation of their own places. Nothing is as before, and this present announces what the future will inevitably be like. Thus, they are living alone, with their households unarmed, living in places that are destined to be forgotten, where their company is loneliness. Facing old age and the end of life in rural areas.

Ignacio Iturrioz born in Montevideo (Uruguay) in 1978. He began studying photography in 1998 taking the workshop of Hector Borgunder. He expanded and developed his knowledge in the field of visual arts and communication studying at the National School of Fine Arts as well as a BA in Communication Sciences at the University of the Republic. During 2004 and 2005 he is part of the photography staff at the newspaper La República. In 2007he enters the photography Roberto Schettini’s workshop Ojonuevo, under his mentorship begins to investigate the language of author photography.

From 2008 he begins to travel to rural areas of Uruguay in search of material for his activity. The result of these first trips is the work entitled "Life is too short". In 2009 this work received the award for exhibiting at the Center of Photography in Montevideo (CDF), and the prize promoted by the same institution to publish the material in an authorial book. In 2010 he received the second prize in the competition of Photojournalism New Holland on "Country", composed by the countries of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay. In 2011 he participates in the collective exhibition organized by New Holland, visiting different cities in the four countries. In 2012 his series "Workers“ was awarded in the Cooperativismo contest, sponsored by the Foundation FUCAC to mark the International Year of Cooperatives. In 2013 he won the scholarship at the international photography festival, San Jose FOTO, for his project "We are here". In 2014 he was invited to participate as guest documentarist at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Montevideo (MACMO), making the project "A Corner". In 2015 he was invited to exhibit at the annual exhibition of the WCM-OPEN group in Heidenheim (Germany). As a freelance photographer he has worked for various international media, including: Amnesty International (Sweden), Göteborgs Posten (Sweden) Anfibia magazine (Argentina), Lento magazine (Uruguay), and the weekly Brecha (Uruguay).