In recent years the boom of mobile devices with cameras and the immense popularity of social networks has opened a space for new ways to share the world around us through photos. Supported by this phenomenon and with the aim of sharing experiences of the everyday world, in 2012 Peter Di Campo and Austin Merrill, founded @EverydayAfrica Instagram community. Today, the movement @Everyday has expanded to dozens of countries, cities and neighborhoods where photographers document and share daily life of their regions.

@EverydayLatinAmerica emerged in July 2014 and consists of more than 20 professional photographers working in different countries throughout Latin America. The style of @Everyday photographs does not only seek to share a fresh and honest look at daily life in the region; its main objective is to open new photographic narratives that allow the fight against visual stereotypes often reinforced by traditional media. Africa is not just famine, Iran is not only war, Venezuela is not only Chávez.

To exhibit @EverydayLatinAmerica images in a physical space is a great opportunity to give visibility to such communities and to promote different narrative processes through photography.

Oscar Durand, Elie Gardner, Federico Pardo and Danielle Villasana - Founders of @EverydayLatinAmerica